Burning Issues (Lunchtime Theatre)

Dec 26, 2014

Lunch (including Soup, sandwitches and tea or coffee) followed by a one act play.

It is 1952, George VI has just died, and so has Gabby Forbes, but although Gabby is dead he just will not lie down.  He still has plenty to say and he is not going anywhere until he knows he is getting a good send off.

His hard up daughter, Rachel, has the funeral to organise – and pay for!  She can barely afford the ham sandwiches and Gabby has drunk and gambled all his money away, leaving nothing for the purvey let alone for a coffin.

This Production is in presented by Rutherglen Repertory Theatre with Rutherglen Town Hall, it is on on Sunday 1st March.  Lunch is served at 12.00 pm, and the performance begins at approximately 1.00pm. Tickets priced £9.00 (including lunch) can be bought in person from the Town Hall, by phoning 0141 613 5700 or online at the SLLC box office http://www.sllcboxoffice.co.uk/